D.C.'s Pilates @ Incline

The workout that adds life to your years...

The Power of Pilates ~ What it Can Do for You

Whether you are a devout practitioner of Pilates or a beginner interested in learning the technique, D.C's Pilates @ Incline offers a variety of private instruction custom tailored to you.

Improve your balance, core stability, flexibility and strength with exercises on the most specialized STOTT PILATES equipment available on the market today.

"Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the core and peripheral muscles of the body."

David Cummings

Pilates can improve:

core muscle strength

range of motion




abdominal strength

Pilates can also assist with:

back pain

shoulder aches

leg cramps


stress relief

improved mood

"In ten sessions you will feel a difference. In twenty sessions you will see a difference. In thirty sessions you will have an entirely new mind/body ‚Äč

awareness." Joseph Pilates


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